Help! Non-profits are dying!

The non-profit groups who have helped so many people are in trouble. After years of struggling they are losing funding at an alarming rate. In this past week I have learned that yet another group,  one that helps Veterans suffering from PTSD, is going under.  This is also the case with groups for animal welfare, homelessness, teen pregnancy, drug addiction and even the local food pantry.

We are all going to feel the effect of these cuts. There will be more homeless people living on the streets. There will be more families who cannot pay their rent and also put food on the table.  There will be more babies born to teen mothers who are ill-prepared to care for them.  There will be more animals left un-spayed and un-neutered so there will be more and more unwanted animals.  There will be more people turning to drugs to relieve the stress in their lives and there will be more addicts who are unable to get the help they need to get clean. This in turn will fuel more crime to pay for their drugs. None of this is a pretty picture, so what can be done?

This is a time when we all should be doing our small part to help in at least one of these areas.  Provide a can of food for the food bank, buy a spay or neuter voucher for your local shelter, ask at your local Church how they are helping with the homeless or the drug addiction problem.  If we all do even a small part to help, then we are contributing to the solution and not the problem.