Home schooling – Looking back!

When I began homeschooling my daughters back in the 80’s, I really had no idea how things would turn out. Many critics said that homeschoolers were deprived of many things; no prom of course, the obvious inability to work well with others, poor social skills, gaps in their learning…..the list went on and on. I was reflecting recently on my girl now, and wish I would have known back them what I know now. Would I have done it differently? Yes, for sure I would. I would have taken them out of school earlier!
They were always excellent students so the transition to learning at home was easy. I provided what they needed and they taught themselves. I also passed along tidbits of wisdom from my parents that had been passed to me. So now, 30 years later, I can look back and see how they have progressed into adulthood. I could not be more proud, and no mother could have better talented and skilled young women to call their daughters than I do.
Michelle went into college at 16 and obtained a diploma in commercial photography. She opened her own studio at age 17. Now, she is a well known and respected Wedding and Portrait Photographer and a Master Photographer. She has always owned her own business and the concerns mentioned above were never of concern.
Leonie started working at a dental office at age 14. By the time she was 17 she had obtained her DANB certification and was a qualified dental assistant. After many years working in the dental field, she decided to change course and now runs her own very successful Etsy business making home furnishings.
Both girls made a smooth transition from the world of childhood to the adult world. I never experienced any ‘teen problems’ with either of them. They were too busy finding out what they were capable of and this is one of the beauties of home education. In fact I used to joke that I was still waiting for the “Terrible Twos”!
I cannot say for sure of course, that they would not have succeeded well had I left them in school, but I like to think that giving them the freedom to find their own path, really supported them on their journey through life.
If you want to check them out now and see what they do, Michelle and all her fantastic photos can be found at Artistique Photographie and Leonie with her beautiful pillows and aprons can be found at Mizzeztee