It seems strange to me that after all the years that I have spent helping other, always for free, and all the time and money I have invested in the cats in this area, that I am finding it near impossible t get any help with anything. I have save thousands of cats from being born, unwanted, and dying in pain and misery. I know I am not the only person who does this and I also know that others in this area have done more. But still I have made a contribution. Now, when I am desperate for help in finding safe places for some of these cats, there is NOWHERE. I am heartsick. I am tired of picking up the crap that others leave behind, mainly because people are too lazy or ignorant to get even ONE cat spayed or neutered. Then they stand at Walmart with a bunch of pathetic kittens and expect someone to take them on, or they move away and leave their animals behind for someone else to deal with. Yes, I have a lot of those too. I end up footing huge vet bills to try and take care of these furkids. They don’t expect much; just a safe place and a bed and some food. I still have a total of 36 cats here. Yes, it is a big drop from the 62 I did have at one time, but still more that I can deal with. Financially it is killing me and physically it is killing me.

Learning that my house mate has cancer was a dreadful stunning shock. Without divulging her personal stuff, let me just say that an operation or chemo is out of the question. She has done so much to help with the cats both in terms of physical help and financial help. Now she cannot do either one.
I don’t know where this will end but right now I am desperate.

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