Dangers of Living with a Drug Addict.

There are many things that can be dangerous when living with a drug abuser in the house.  Here is an example of just one.

The recent spate of petitions directed towards Facebook, demanding that they shut down the private networks of pedophiles is a case in point. These children are someone’s children.  They are beautiful and well cared for, not scruffy street urchins from some third world country. Whose children are they? They look like the kids next door or the kids down the street.  Well, many of them are! I am sure that many of these photographs are the result of drug users wanting cash for their drug habit. If they have access to children, any children regardless of whether they are their own or the neighbors, they will use them if they can.  The children may not be physically molested – yet – but their bodies may be spread far and wide for pedophiles to share. Addicts have been known to ‘sell’ their children for drugs or money. Yes this does happen here in America and no, it is not uncommon. This is just one of the possible dangers of having a drug addict in the house that I cover in my latest book.


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